Iranian Oxygen concentrator Soshya SA5

Iranian Oxygen concentrator Soshya Model SA5 Information

  • Weight : 17.5 Kg
  • Size : 42*36*65
  • Power : 300 w
  • Maximum oxygen output : 5 Litre/min
  • Suitable for 24/7 use
  • Big LCD with language selection + farsi language support
  • Equipped with separate nebulizer
  • Pure degree simultaneous monitor
  • Output oxygen using oxygen sensor
  • 3 separate filter layers with anti-bacterial filter preventing bacteria and dust
  • Smart board and automatic alarm for high heat levels , low or high pressure , power outage and oxygen purity level drops
  • Usage data saving system ( with high pressure output to use longer nasals )
  • 94% oxygen purity with maximum output of 5 litres/min


Air mainly consists of two gases , nitrogen with 78% volume and oxygen with 21% volume . oxygen is absorbed by lungs and enters blood while breathing.

Meanwhile , sometimes the patients cannot receive enough oxygen from environment by breathing and suffer shortness of breath, coughs , restlessness , insomnia and other problems because of diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (POCD) , pneumonia , asthma and etc.

In such cases , the doctors may prescribe oxygen concentrator to resolve the patients issue. This device filters the nitrogen in air after absorbing it and then only transfers oxygen to the patient.

In fact, main function of oxygen concentrator is to provide more oxygen than the environment. Oxygen concentrator come in two main groups of static ( home) and portable depending their usage whether in home or being portable for the patient.

The device’s output is usually measured by liter per minute. Using this device , the patient will experience a better sleep, higher energy level and better life quality.


Advantages of using oxygen concentrator device over oxygen tank:

- oxygen concentrator can produce oxygen without limits , therefore doesn’t need to be moved, while oxygen tank has it limits in producing oxygen and needs frequent recharge and to be carried.

- Oxygen tank output pressure is 3 times more than oxygen concentrator device which can cause damage to human respiratory system in long terms, therefore there are good for short time use. Meanwhile , oxygen concentrator device is suitable for long time usage.

- Price is essential in choosing any product. While buying oxygen concentrator , the whole price is paid at the very beginning and helps cutting extra costs, though less price is paid while buying oxygen tank but needs weekly or even daily recharge , this leads to spending more time and money .